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Custom Wigs For Cancer Patients and Others Experiencing Hair Loss

Leslie with Alopecia

For the past 20 years, women and men have found a solution to hair loss at Newport Hair Loss Center (NHLC), where owner Nazy Curtis has been creating beautiful, custom human hair wigs. We offer the best quality real hair wigs for cancer patients and sufferers of alopecia, trichotillomania, women’s hair loss, and hair loss resulting from chemotherapy. Newport Hair Loss Center utilizes a unique custom fitting process, delivering the most technologically advanced, nearly undetectable, lace front specially made wigs.
As a sufferer of hair-loss and breast cancer survivor, Nazy truly understands what you are going through and shares her passion of creating the best wigs in San Diego, Los Angeles and Orange County. If you have questions or concerns about hair loss and hair systems, Nazy is a phenomenal source of information and support.

“Making a custom hair system for a cancer patient or fellow
alopecia sufferer gives me tremendous joy because I know
what a difference a well-made, realistic-looking hair piece [wig]
can make in these people’s lives. I live this truth every day.” –Nazy Curtis

Newport Hair Loss Center Client Testimonials

Newport Hair Loss Center works with the most experienced manufacturers of high quality, 100% European hair wigs. We are proud to announce the opening of two new consultation offices (by appointment) in La Jolla, San Diego, and Century City, Los Angeles! If you are looking for wigs in San Diego, Los Angeles or Southern California, please contact our local offices. You can also find information regarding women’s hair loss by following NHLC’s blog and our YouTube channel.

Wigs San Diego & Wigs Los Angeles

If you are in the Los Angeles or San Diego areas please call to schedule a consultation at one of our regional offices. By appointment only. Contact our offices here- San Diego & Los Angeles.

Nazy Curtis’s custom real hair wig system is branded as quality, I can vouch for her when it comes to designing custom wigs, because she is a breast cancer survivor and battled alopecia herself and created her own line of wigs and now is here to share it with the world. If you’re going through alopecia, trichotillomania, or facing chemotherapy / cancer hair loss, you’re not alone.”

-Derek W. | South El Monte, CA

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Newport Hair Loss Center Services Include:

  • Wigs for Cancer Patients

  • Newport Beach Wigs

  • 100% European hair wigs

  • Los Angeles Wigs

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  • And Much More…

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About Nazy

Nazy Curtis is an award-winning, European trained hair stylist and salon owner of d’Orsay [doorsay] – the Art of Hair in Newport Beach where she services a diverse client base. Included are those who are suffering hair loss for medical reasons. In this area, Nazy has personal experience. Order her book “No One Could Tell” today.

Nazy Curtis

Nazy Curtis

It was ironic that a woman who dedicated her life and career to styling hair would be losing her own, but in 1999, Nazy experienced hair loss in different areas on her head and was diagnosed with alopecia.

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